la belleza and the mango

Monday, August 21, 2006

Uh sorry...

Hey Dude(et)s that are actually reading the blog! Sorry that nothing's been posted, when la belleza went back to Berkeley, the blog sorta died because it's a blog for our adventures 'together', when we're not together, no adventures, no posts! Capiche? So if you want some more of our fabulous! posts then you must convince the Mango's family to travel up on into Berkeley, or la belleza can bring her familia back down into Altadena, all right?

We did acually get our ears pierced again. Now we've both got 2 holes in our left ears and 6 in our right ones. Just kidding! we've only got one in our right ears. But we've still got 2 in our lefts. No really we do. I'm serious! I would send photos but at the moment, we really ain't got any? Do we la belleza?
Well i gotta go! See ya around folks!
As always,
Yours truly,
the mango

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sweaty, Stinky, Sad Dodger Game

Today we went to Dodger Stadium and watched them fail and suffer. Pity. Ah well, we actually, enjoyed ourselves. He he he. They lost a miserable game, 10-3 to the Padres. (Yes!). During the game, Mango cheered for the Dodres (ha ha Dodgers and Padres! get it? ha ha ha!) and la Belleza rooted for the A's. Such a great fan base for the Dodgers. As we sat slurping our Cokes and sweating our guts out, we decided we are going to get our ears pierced, again, spray our hair purple, and paint our nails with nail polish instead of Sharpie for once. We shall see if the Mamas let us do what we want, and we'll post the pictures if it happens. Cross your fingers!
The Dodgers are now officially The Dogturds!
Toodliest of Toodles,
La Belleza and the Mango

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Introducing la belleza, the mango, and burnt toast

We've been having a great time together at Mango's home in Altadena, burning grilled cheeses, deflating air mattresses, and eating shortcake and ice cream for breakfast. After breaking our backs on the trampoline, we decided to try diving. A few broken backs later, here we are blogging! Mango is the daughter of a certain Bolg Blogger and La Belleza is the daughter of pdana, a significant travel blogger. But enough about them, back to us! We'll be going to a Dodger game tomorrow, and will be cheering our hearts out for the Padres. Anti-Blue all the way baby {except for the true blue (cal)}. Also this week, we will be visiting the glorious Ten Thousand Villages shop along with the architectural stunner, The Gamble House. We'll tell you very detailedly about our adventures, and add pictures, later. For now we're off to The Two Towers.
Burnt toast and cold weather make your hair curly!
Sincerliest of all sincerelies,
La Belleza and the Mango